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100 / 105 series Landcruiser Manual
100 / 105 series Landcruiser Manual
100 / 105 series Landcruiser Manual
100 / 105 series Landcruiser Manual
100 / 105 series Landcruiser Manual

100 / 105 series Landcruiser Manual

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6 Available with a lead time of 6-8 days.

All Mullet Mods cup holders are 3d printed to order in Australia with all Aussie materials therefore, please allow 6-8 business days for us to make your order before shipping. 

100 / 105 Series Landcruiser Manual Cup Holders (1998 - 2006)

Think about how good it will feel to finally have two cup holders that are actually usable. Add a small storage area on top of that and you’re laughing!

Our new cup holders for 100 / 105 Series Landcruiser are secure enough to hold your bigger mugs and deep enough to keep your tins from toppling over. All things that the factory cup holder insert got wrong, if you still have it that is. Our new cup holders fit directly into the factory slot clipping in securely.

Our cup holders are 3D printed from a high-strength PETG that is UV and heat-resistant.

Cup holder diameter: 82mm

INSTALL: (2000-2006 vehicles): First remove the factory cup holders, then slide the pocket insert provided into the body of the cup holders aligning the dovetail joints.

We have included a piece of double sided foam mounting tape on the back of the mod to help stop any vibrations and anything getting behind the cup holders. Although we recommend you use this tape, it is not essential to keep the cup holders in place. If you would like to use it, simply peel the backing off the tape, align the bottom of the cup holders with the slot in the gear surround and push down whilst keeping the double sided tape from touching the console until it is all the way down. Finally, push the back of the cup holders into the console to secure.

INSTALL (Pre 2000 vehicles): For pre 2000 cars, install the mod without adding the pocket insert that is provided. These cars come with a blank instead of a pocket in the gear surround so we advise that you leave the blank in.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic product as advertised




Can’t fault it!!

Kim Tiller
Best upgrade yet

Have been looking for years for cup holders for the 105. Sent an email to MM a year or so ago to see if they could do one. Worth the wait. Fits perfectly doesn’t block anything and big enough for our large cups of tea in the morning.
Love your work.
Best money spent on the cruiser yet


Mint design!!!!!